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Private lessons are a great way to get one on one instruction or feedback. It is the most effective way to take your dance to the next level, or if its the first time you are learning to dance and you want to be in a private setting.

Private lessons are at a studio location or they can be by webcam via Skype (video calling) and are $80 per hour.

Please contact Chemagne at directly to book a free 15 min consultation to discuss what you want to work on to improve your dance.

The Art of Bellydance - Fundamentals. The first stage in learning bellydance technique, movement, posture, and poses.

Techniques, Transitions & Combos - For students who want to develop their technique at a higher level. This includes layering of belly dance moves, transitions, foot patterns, counting, and timing.

Creativity, Art, Dance & Performance - For students who have moved on from techniques, transitions, and combos and want to improve their dance skills and develop their layering techniques with traveling steps, foot patterns, and transitions.

Belly Dance Choreography - For students who need help with a new choreography or a specific choreographic piece they are working on.

Belly Dance Goddess - For ladies who just want to get in touch with their inner Goddess. Learn beginner belly dance moves, be more graceful and fluid, and learn to walk like a Goddess!

Private Lesson $80 per hour

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